All health screenings will begin with a pre-screening consultation and a review. In addition, there will also
be a Body Mass Index (BMI) assessment and a Blood Pressure measurement. 

At the same time, depending on the package selected, tests may include the following:


  • Chronic diseases - hypertension/ hyperlipidaemia (high cholesterol)/ diabetes/ gout

  • Organ function - liver/ kidney/ thyroid/ heart/ lungs

  • Cancer screening - liver/ colorectal/ ovarian/ pancreas/ prostate/ nose/ stomach/ cervical

  • STD screening - HIV/ syphilis

  • Bone and joint screening

  • Blood counts - anaemia/ platelet disorders

  • Scans (e.g. Mammogram, bone density scan, ultrasound of abdomen, ultrasound of pelvis) *will need to visit scan centre nearby


Recommended Frequency for Health Screenings

Blood pressure screening
Cholesterol screening
Diabetes screening
Stool occult blood test

Yearly (after age 40)
Every 1-3 years (after age 40)
Yearly (after age 40)
Yearly (after age 50)
Every 3 years
Yearly (from 40-50)
Every 2 years (after 50)

*Recommendations are for people with no risk factors for the above conditions

If risk factors are present, you may require more frequent/ earlier screening